Pedestrian Crosswalk Flashing Beacon - R820 Series

The R820 can be installed at marked, uncontrolled crosswalk locations as a pedestrian-activated signaling device. 
Designed for marked, uncontrolled crosswalk locations, Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon technology is supported by extensive federal and state research on its effectiveness at increasing driver yield rates and is a recommended crosswalk solution in many complete street and urban design guidelines.
  • Allows pedestrians to alert traffic to their presence at a crosswalk
  • Reduce install costs through simple installation
  • Easy retrofit onto existing poles and to relocate
  • Installation can be done by city crews with minimal traffic disruptions
  • No trenching, cabling, or in-ground wiring
  • No metering or electrical bills
  • No scheduled maintenance for up to five years
  • Compact, self-contained solar engine
  • Top of pole mounting onto new or existing 2" inch sign posts and 4" poles
  • Push-button activated flashing beacon
  • Wireless link between beacons in a system

For specifications, please click here.