OS 200 - Radar Speen Sign (Dolly-Mounted)


The OS 200 is a 2-digit radar speed display (display-mounted) designed for easy positioning in areas where speeding is a concern. Easily transported and simple to operate, the OS 200 is a perfect solution for school zones or neighborhood watch organizations.

Key features:

- Display: Two-digit, 18” high wide angle LEDs

- Readable Distance: 1000 ft.

- Radar: K-Band 24.150 Ghz ± 50 Mhz, SI-3 approach-only radar antenna

- Power Supply: battery bank consists of two 12V SLA batteries with on board smart charger with 110V outlet

- Average 2-day continuous use

- Speed display window: smoked, non- glare Lexan® shatter-proof covering

- Dimensions: 28”W x 57”H x 24”D

- Weight: 135 lb.

- 10” pneumatic tires

- Includes “Speed Limit”, “Your Speed” and “School” signs along with “0-9 digit speed limit signs

- Available option: EZ Stat data logger for speed collection data