Wind Stand


WindMaster® sign systems are specially engineered for portability, ease of handling, and reliable performance in temporary work zones. It is fast deploying and provides years of dependable service. The variety in styles allows sign deployment from 1' to 7' from ground surface. The system, in its various styles, is designed to work with aluminum, plywood, or roll-up signage. You can rely on WindMaster® even under siege from every condition: constant traffic, wind gusts, and other harsh weather conditions.

  • BreakAway® System 
    The patented BreakAway® feature allows the vertical upright to break away from the sign stand upon impact. NCHRP 350 accepted.
  • All-Terrain Legs
    WindMaster® legs are constructed of T6061 aluminum alloy (the same material used for aircraft). They have rubber caps for traction, and each leg can be adjusted independently for stability on curbs or uneven terrain.
  • Kick-Release Legs
    Each leg on the WindMaster® sign stand is equipped with a detent button. Simply kick the button to release the leg. This patented design allows the worker to remain upright and more visible to traffic.
  • Drop & Lock Upright (available on some units)
    The uprights on the WindMaster® DLK sign stands have a molded cap to help channel the MDI crossbrace into the upright. A spring-loaded pin automatically locks the MDI crossbrace in place.
  • Roll-Up Signfaces Are Engineered for PerformanceWe offer a range of flexible materials and attachment methods in our line of roll-up signs. They feature DuraLatch®, the only self-adjusting roll-up sign in the industry. EPDM rubber latches expand and contract to securely hold signs in place even in backwinds. DuraLatch® signfaces, Compact® signfaces, and Lexan Pocket signfaces are inventive solutions for your work zone signage needs.
  • Rigid signs and flags are not included. A variety of standard messages, symbols, and custom roll-up signs are available. Please contact us for your roll-up sign requirements.


  • Steel base and spring components specially coated to withstand 500 hours of salt spray test
  • Aircraft aluminum alloy legs and uprights, including rubber leg caps for traction.
  • Dual-spring with strong initial tension resists twisting and turning of sign in high wind gusts
  • Kick-release legs simplify take down
  • One person deployment without tools
  • Individually adjustable legs for stability on curbs and uneven terrain
  • Rigid and/or roll-up sign brackets available
  • NCHRP 350 accepted
  • Material: Aluminum Legs/Steel Base
  • Roll-up Signfaces: Universal
  • Rigid Signfaces: Yes
  • WindMaster Springs: Dual

Available in various sizes. Please contact us for more information.