About Us

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Devco Consulting has been in operation since 2001 as a complete work site visual solutions provider. Devco has more than 20 team members and two locations in Alberta. Our production facility resides in a 7000 sqft building in Edmonton which houses our R&D, Sign production, 3D CNC, and Graphic Design Divisions. In Fort McMurray, we work out of a 7000 sqft facility and laydown yard in the Fort Hills Oilsands operation.

That’s tells a bit of who we are now, but where did we come from? The answer is simply, Customers like you.

Robert Hopp is the Founder and President of Devco Consulting. Back in 1991, Robert owned an ad agency that specialized in Yellow Page advertising and cost optimization. This proved to be highly successful with Robert’s largest customer being Lafarge North America and his team performing their magic with every Lafarge operation in North America. Over the years, Lafarge wanted more types of work and Devco was born.

Starting as a Graphic Design house, we expanded into Safety Program Visual Design with Lafarge and then Suncor. We provided the Visual Branding for the award winning Suncor “Get a Grip on Safety” and “Are You in the Line of Fire?” Safety Programs. Suncor didn’t stop there with us and we started our production for the on site signage, decals and other Safety Program materials. In the years after this, we added more customers in the Fort McMurray area and added the Fort Hills mine to our portfolio. We provided full service on site for them, from the Site Planning to Visual Standards, Worksite Branding, Production, Installation and Maintenance. We are the only company onsite to provide these services to Fort Hills.

We continue to grow our products and services with our Customers and are excited about the changes that continue to come!